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    • Frank Vincent: Go home, and get your shine box.

    • [On being typecast]
      Frank Vincent: Well, I have acted in numerous movies outside the mob genre. I played Aristotle Onassis in the Bette Midler-starring film "Isn't She Great." I played a police chief in "Copland." I played a racist Italian-American father to Annabella Sciorra's character in Spike Lee's, "Jungle Fever." But, casting agents and directors know me from the many tough guy/mob roles I've played and continue to send me those kinds of scripts. Hey, if it's a well-written script, mob part or not, I don't turn it down. Got to pay the bills, right?

    • [On his book A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man]
      Frank Vincent: I had wanted to write a book for quite some time. I got together with my co-author Steven Priggé and we spoke about my career and the roles I've played on-screen. A lot of the tough guy characters I portrayed certainly had a man's man aura to them. Then, we met over lunch at Goodfellas restaurant in Garfield, New Jersey, and talked about the whole man's man concept for a book. As we were both leaving the restaurant a fan driving by in a van opened his window and yelled, "Frank Vincent you're the man!" We took it as a sign and started writing the next day.