Frank Whaley





7/20/1963 , Syracuse, New York, USA

Birth Name




Frank Whaley, born Frank Joseph Whaley on July 20, 1963 in Syracuse, New York is an American actor. After graduating from the University of Albany, Whaley began to pursue a career in acting. After appearing as a guest star in several television shows, he received his first major role in the film Ironweed. Two years later, he would appear in the film Field of Dreams, after which he began working regularly in film and television. Over the ensuing two decades, he would amass a steady list of credits in high-profile films such as The Doors, Pulp Fiction and Broken Arrow. Though mostly known as an actor, Whaley has also simultaneously pursued a career as a writer and director. From 1999 until 2007, he wrote and directed three films: Joe the King, The Jimmy Show and New York City Serenade. In 2001, he married fellow actress and writer Heather Bucha, with whom he is raising two children.