Frank Wilcox





3/13/1907 , DeSoto, Missouri

Birth Name

Frank Reppy Wilcox




Beloved supporting actor Frank Wilcox was born 1907, he was the son of a physician. Frank could have gone into medicine or business; but lucky for us fans, he decided to go into show business. Frank successfully auditioned for the Kansas City Civic Theatre. Then he took the big step -- he packed up and moved to Hollywood in 1934. Frank was an active member of the Pasadena Community Playhouse.

In his decades-long career, Frank appeared in almost 200 movies from 1939-1971. And, once the new medium of television got underway, Frank made over 100 TV guest appearances from 1949-1973.

Frank Wilcox could play them all: judge, general, governor, lawyer, deputy, senator, doctor, councilman, pilot -- you name it. Frank was a familiar face on the TV screen for his entire career. Frank Wilcox is best remembered as playing a Judge on "Perry Mason," and as Eliot Ness' friend District Attorney Beecher Asbury -- who was as incorruptible as Ness was -- on "The Untouchables."