Franka Potente





7/22/1974 , Dülmen bei Münster, Germany

Birth Name

Franka Potente




Franka Potente was born in the small town called Dülmen in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany on the 22nd July 1974. She showed interest in acting during her entire school career, but never left school for it. So she graduated high-school in 1994.

After that she signed in to the Otto-Falckenberg school, an acting school in Munich. Her visit there was of short notice, because she made her first film in 1995 called Nach fünf im Urwald.

Her big break through not only in Germany was her famous role as Lola in the movie Lola rennt (English: Run, Lola, Run) from 1998. This movie and especially this role were written for her by her long time boyfriend (and director of this movie) Tom Twyker. This role influenced many producers and directors all over the world.
For this movie she took a break from Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York she signed up just a few months before.

After several successful movies in Germany she started to work in Hollywood as well. Her most famous films were Blow where she played along with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz and the Bourne movie trilogy where she stars along with Matt Damon.

In 2002 she broke up with her long time boyfriend Tom Twyker and moved back from Los Angeles to Berlin, Germany.