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Franklin Ferguson

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  • WoW! Always been an actor! I always love to see people from my past on television, ususally it's on the news for some freak accident, even occationally on the football field or baseball field. BUt a gay reality show....I can say this is a first!moreless

    Jon, I mean "Franklin" was an old boyfriend of mine. I have to admit that he was a pretty good actor....even nine years ago! I thought it was really funny to see him pretend to be gay on a reality show. I was hoping to run into him at our high school reunion next year, but seeing as he made a fool out of himself on national television, I doubt he will show up. I can't be all negative about him though, I fell for it, hook-line-and-sinker. He was, and still is I guess, a wonderful musician. I loved to hear him play the guitar and piano. Add in some poetry, and whew....a prince. F.J., If you read this, thanks for the good memories and I have forgiven you for the not so good. Hope things go well in life. And whatever you do...stay away from the gay reality shows!moreless