Frazer Hines

Frazer Hines


9/22/1944, Horsforth, Yorkshire, England, UK

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Frazer Hines


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Frazer Hines and Patrick Troughton narrowly missed being seriously injured on the set of The War Games when an explosive effect was incorrectly charged and caused a cascade of boulders to fall where they were supposed to be standing for their take.

    • Frazer Hines was a regular player for the Showbiz 11 football team.

    • Frazer Hines released two Doctor Who-related singles in the late 1960's, Time Traveller and (Who is) Doctor Who?, both failed miserably.

    • Contrary to fan rumour it was actually Frazier Hines that famously undid Deborah Watling's kilt whilst she was sleeping on the set, causing her to appear half naked when the local village vicar walked into the church hall the team was using.

    • Frazer Hines was originally only supposed to play Jamie for a single serial but the character proved so popular with the public that his contract was extended and he was rewritten as a companion.

    • Frazer Hines is the only still-living companion from the time of the Second Doctor who has not provided voice acting in a Big Finish Productions Doctor Who audio play.

    • Frazer Hines was on vacation during the taping of episode eight of The Invasion, but as his character was pivotal he appears on a pre-taped segment.

    • Whilst filming Tomb of the Cybermen Frazer Hines inadvertently flirted with actress Shirley Cooklin, the wife of producer Peter Bryant, whom he did not recognise due to her make up and costume.

    • Frazer Hines has combined his passion for horses and the land and currently runs a thoroughbred stud farm in Lincolnshire.

    • Frazer Hines appeared, at the age of 13, in Charlie Chaplin's last full-length feature film A King in New York.

    • Frazer Hines is a published author, his non-fiction book Films, Farms & Fillies was published in 2000.

    • Frazer Hines contracted chicken pox during the production of The Mind Robber and was hastily replaced by a real Scotsman, Hamish Wilson, for an episode.

    • Frazer Hines told a Panopticon audience 'Creag En Tuire' (Jamie's war cry) is Scottish Gaelic for 'gin and vodka'. In actuality it means 'the boar's rock', and is the ancient rallying place, and motto, of the Clan McLaren.

    • In order to keep it from flying up during action scenes as Jamie McCrimmon, Frazer Hines wore lead weights in his kilt.

    • Frazer was a well-known child star who made his debut at age eight.

    • Frazer is an amateur jockey.

  • Quotes

    • Frazer Hines: The minute you step aboard that TARDIS, the fun element, the youth element took you over, and it was wonderful.

    • Frazer Hines: (About filming The Two Doctors) I really liked being back, it felt like nothing had changed except that Doctor Who is now in colour. I think it was more frightening in black and white.

    • Frazer Hines: (About the BBC wiping old episodes of Doctor Who) Isn't it great, they can keep all the paperwork for an episode, because of its accounting significance, but they can't manage to keep the actual episode!

    • Frazer Hines: Filming in Snowdonia for The Abominable Snowmen all these locals turned up asking if we were making a film and Gerry [Blake] said 'Watch this' and put on his best Hollywood director voice 'No, no, I want that mountain moved seven inches to the left' the prop boys immediately picked up shovels and said 'Very good, guv' all the stunned locals could say was 'Flippin' 'eck, they're going to move the mountain'. It was brilliant.

    • Frazer Hines: I would love to be a comedian. It's such a wonderful feeling, hearing people laugh.

    • Frazer Hines: I've always wanted to do a sitcom, although I did a guest appearance in Duty Free years ago, or a western. I won't die happy until I've starred in a sit-com or a western!