Fred Durst

Fred Durst


8/20/1970, Gastonia, North Califonia, USA.

Birth Name

William Frederick Durst


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Fred Durst is the lead singer and frontman of the popular band, Limp Bizkit. Durst has also ventured into acting and directing (he directed most of Limp Bizkit's music videos, as well as videos for Korn).


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Fred's trademark is his red New York Yankees baseball cap, worn backwards, and almost never seen without it on.

    • Fred has a dog that he named 'Bizkit'.

    • Fred directed The Education of Charlie Banks, which wrapped production on July 25, 2006.

    • Fred filed an 80 million dollar lawsuit against websites that posted the footage and stills of him and an ex-girlfriend engaging in 'private' acts. The sex tape was allegedly downloaded from his home computer.

    • Fred directed and appeared in Puddle of Mudd's music video for 'Control'. He also directed their videos for: 'She Hates Me' and 'Drift & Die'.

    • Fred was hired to direct the skateboarding film Lords of Dogtown, but turned it down.

    • Fred has tried his hand at acting over the years, appearing in the television miniseries Revelations, in the of Ogden. He also starred in the movie Population 436 with Jeremy Sisto, as a police officer named Bobby Caine.

    • Fred runs his own record label, Flawless Records, a division of Geffen Records. Flawless has signed: Staind, Puddle of Mudd, and Ringside.

    • Fred, Sam Rivers, and John Otto formed 'Limp Bizkit' in 1994. Wes Borland joined soon after, and in 1996, DJ Lethal, formerly of House of Pain fame, joined.

    • Fred had a long-standing dislike for: Scott Stapp, Slipknot, Eminem, Trent Reznor, and Christina Aguilera that he vowed to drop, as a result of the events that took place on September 11th with the World Trade Center attacks changing his views on what is important.

    • Fred is Senior Vice President of Interscope Records.

    • Fred's favorite music includes: Kiss, Blondie, Wu Tang, Suicidal Tendencies, Tool, and Smashing Pumpkins.

    • Fred moved to Florida after he tired of working odd jobs in Georgia, and started doing art for people. It was then, that he started to tattoo.

    • Fred headed on to Georgia after his divorce to start over. He worked in a skate-park for awhile because he was a sponsored skate-boarder.

    • Fred married Rachel Tergesen in 1990 when he was twenty years old. The couple had a daughter named Adriana Durst. Fred filed for divorce after finding his wife cheating on him. Fred spent a month behind bars for physically assaulting the ex-wifes new boyfriend.

    • Fred moved to Jacksonville in his late teens and joined the United States Navy.

    • Fred was born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina, and admits to being a terrible student in school, yet was the teacher's favorite. School was more of a social place to hang out and skateboard, rap, beatbox,and breakdance. He did graduate, though he doesn't know how.

    • Fred has directed music videos for the Limp Bizkit songs "Faith", "Nookie" & "Break Stuff," as well as Korn's video "Falling Away From Me".

  • Quotes

    • Fred: I have all of the luxuries that I want, but no one to share them with, that aint right. I am looking for someone special for something that'll last forever. If anyone were to actually listen to my lyrics, they would see that I am lonely, and I have been for long time.

    • Fred: I grew up as a rebellious kid who was always locked up in his room. When I got out--I wasn't bad...I just didn't know what was right or wrong.

    • Fred: I've sinned so many ways it's unbelievable. I've robbed stores. I've had plenty of sex. I've lied terribly, I've cheated, I've been greedy, I've lusted. Everything. I've done it all, I need some help and support from above now.

  • Some weird crap

    I like Fred Durst because he appaulingly inappropriate, but he's funny at the same time. You can't possibly listen to his voice or lyrics without laughing- his lyrics are like that of a 10-year-old kids! I like Limp Bizkit but have you ever heard how stupid he sounded in My Way? Never Again, Durst. Never Again.
  • Gross!!!!!!!!!!! One of the worst "musicians" ever!!!!

    Fred Durst, his music and all of his personality are nothing but awful, this pseudo-musician represents everything that is rotten in the world of the music.

    I just can't stand limp bizkit's music, the less intelligent lyrics, the worst musical arrangements. Nothing but a very very bad marketing product that pretends to show the kids how to be rebels.

    Leading to a non-sense violence, Fred Durst's band is a thing (because it doesn't deserve to be called music band) that makes fun of innocent youngsters telling them how to be bad, when the reality is that they just want money for saying things that are supposed to be forbidden by the society. They try to make us believe they are the opposite side of pop-stars, when the both of them are just a product of the same marketing leaders in their attempt to own all of the market.

    The world would be a better place without "artists" like Fred Durst.

    My real score for him is a zero, but this thing doesn't let me put that score, so I'm scoring the lower I am allowed.moreless