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Fred Ewanvick, Fred Ewanick, Fred Ewaniuk, Fred Ewaniuck, Fred Ewanuik
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Fred Ewanuick was born on June 23, 1971 in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. Fred's interest in theatre started during college, where he decided to pursue acting. He trained for four year with an acting coach.

Fred made his TV debut on The Addams Family in 1998.…more


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    • When Fred isn't acting he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, writing, spending time with his wife and their dog Chole, and watch movies.

    • If Fred could be anything, he would want to be a NHL Goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks.

    • Fred is of Italian descent. Fred's last name, Ewanuick, is Ukrainian.

    • Fred enjoys playing lacrosse and hockey. The one sport that he enjoys most is golf.

    • Fred's favorite actor is Robert De Niro. If given the chance he would love to work with him.

    • Fred lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Where he continues to train with acting coach, Shea Hampton.

    • Fred had the starring role in The Delicate Art of Parking which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival. The film ended up winning the Best Canadian Feature prize. Fred won Best Actor for the 2004 Peniscola Comedy Film Festival.

    • When Fred started college the only courses available to him were English, Women's Studies, and Theatre. He failed all three courses. However, something in theatre class grabbed his attention. He auditioned and was accepted for the two-year theater intensive. A year later he was asked by the head of the program to leave.

    • Fred, along with the rest of his Corner Gas co-stars, was nominated for a 2007 Gemini Award in the category of "Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Series for the episode "Gopher It".

    • Despite Fred's best efforts, he was asked to leave the Theatre program he was enrolled in at college.

    • Fred, along with the rest of his Corner Gas co-stars, was nominated for a 2006 Gemini Award in the category of "Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Series."

    • Fred Ewanuick, along with the rest of the Corner Gas cast, appeared in a comedy benefit held in O'Hanlan's Pub in Regina, Saskatchewan on August 25, 2006. The night of comedy was held to support the Rachel Davis Foundation, a charity started by Corner Gas co-star, Janet Wright.

    • Fred worked in a bingo hall until his high school graduation from Port Moody High School, in 1989.

  • Quotes

    • Fred: (His favorite aspect of Corner Gas) There's a ton of things I love about being a part of Corner Gas. I'm proud to be a part of a show that the whole family can sit down and watch together. I've made a number of new really great friends, and it's a regular job. Tough to come by in this business.

    • Fred: (On being typecasted) I'm not worried. It will be up to me to make good choices as my career moves forward. We'll see how it goes. As longs as I'm still working I'll be pretty happy.

    • Fred: (His first job) My first job was a paper route. I learned that dumpsters on my route were an amazing time saver. After being 'let go' I learned that cheating isn't always the answer.

    • Fred: (The difference between doing TV and film) I don't think one is any harder than the other. Just different. TV moves fast, you don't get to many kicks at it, and there isn't as much control or input into you character. Where as in film, there is more of a combined effort between the director and the actor to create the character. You don't feel like as much of a puppet in film as you do in TV.

  • A non-satire Canadian comedian?

    The problem with Canadian television is that most of our really talented actors head south to make it big. Fortunately for us, Fred Ewanuick stuck it out up here. Best known for his portrayal of Hank Yarbo, a small town Saskatchewan resident on Corner Gas, Fred has also appeared as a regular on Robson Arms, where he plays the pot-smoking university student Nick Papathanasiou. While his characters may be at opposite ends of the scale, Fred fills both roles perfectly and, more importantly, believably.

    Ewanuick, like most pure bread Canadian actors, is a comedian, and his staring roles are both comedies. But, far from the typical Canadian Comedy shows, neither Corner Gas nor Robson Arms rely on political satire for laughs, which, I think, puts more of an emphasis on the character of his characters and, by default, on Fred’s skill as an actor, and he rises to the challenge. I look forward to seeing him in future roles.moreless