Fred Goss





3/25/1965 , Redondo Beach, CA

Birth Name

Fred Goss




Fred Goss is steeped in the entertainment business -- as an actor, director, writer, editor, cameraman and acting instructor. Currently starring in the new ABC comedy "Sons & Daughters," Goss, along with his partner, Nick Holly, created and co-wrote the series with the desire to see improvisation work within the structure of the half-hour network comedy. He also directed the pilot episode.

As an actor, Goss starred in Bravo's acclaimed series, "Significant Others," and also appeared in "The Man Show" and "South Park." His first appearance in a TV comedy was on the hit series "ALF." In the commercial world, Goss had done more than 100 ads, including for Sprite and Washington Mutual.

The Redondo Beach, CA native started acting when he was 14 years old and has performed in more than 75 stage productions. He began writing and staging his own plays in his twenties, and has since directed a number of productions. A member of The New A.R.T.E.F Players, Pacific Rep and Theater East, Goss is also a member of two different house improvisational groups at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and a part of the main company at The ACME Comedy Theater in Los Angeles. He has trained with Harry Mastrogeorge, Cynthia Szigeti, Stephen Book and Cecily Adams, and currently studies with noted actor Jeffrey Tambor. After studying the Viola Spolin acting technique, he taught the technique (Improvisation for the Theater) to adults and children.

Goss has edited and directed music videos, commercials, industrial films, internet content, movie trailers and many comedic shorts. In addition he has worked as a cameraman, specializing in reality, documentary and field segment work for various companies, including ESPN and Fox Sports. He was also an editor on Bravo's "Significant Others."

An avid fan of The Grateful Dead, he attended more than 100 Grateful Dead performances, beginning in the early '80s and up until the time of Jerry Garcia's death in 1995.

Goss and his wife, Arlene, are the parents of three children.

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