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  • The classic "everyman" who could switch from aloof and charming to sly and devious effortlessly.

    Fred MacMurray may be one of the few actors who could convincingly play both a Disney hero and a James M. Cain villain and be terrific as both. Best remembered today as the dad on "My Three Sons," MacMurray was a hard-working actor who had more range and depth than he gets credit for. To me, he is a less earnest, more honest Jimmy Stewart type: MacMurray's characters feel very real, especially Walter Neff in "Double Indemnity." Equally adept at comedy and drama (he starred in "The Shaggy Dog" and was the first choice to play Perry Mason), I'm surprised MacMurray isn't remembered more for his acting chops. Twelve years on "My Three Sons" might have made viewers forget what a strong actor he was.