Fred Newman





LaGrange, Georgia, USA

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Fred Newman (born 1952 in LaGrange, Georgia) is an American actor, voice actor, composer, and sound effects artist, as well as a former talk show host. An alumnus of the Harvard Business School, Newman soon capitalized on his unique vocalizations, writing the book MouthSounds (first published in 1980, recently reprinted in an expanded edition). As a regular on the radio variety show A Prairie Home Companion, his vocal sound effects are showcased frequently; he fills in for regular sound-effects man Tom Keith whenever the show performs away from its home base in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has also worked heavily as a voice actor with numerous film, television, and video game credits including Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Doug (as Skeeter Valentine, Mr. Dink, and other characters), and Grand Theft Auto 2. His creature sounds have been heard in the films Harry and the Hendersons and Gremlins.