Fred Quimby

Fred Quimby


11/14/1886, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA



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Fredric C. Quimby


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Fredric C Quimby (Otherwise known as Fredric C. Quimby) was born on November 14th 1883 (actually not known, there are several given birthdates for him). He was the producer of MGM animated cartoon division in which the Tom and Jerry team of William Hanna and Joeseph Barbera were…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Once someone working for Quimby at MGM despised him so much that he decided to practice his bowling skills right above his office just to irritate him.

    • Even after his retirement, Quimby was a greatly appreciated man. Kids were known to cheer when his name was shown upon a theatre or television screen.

    • Quimby greatly enjoyed restaurants that promoted his animated shorts.

    • It has been said by a few people that Quimby greatly lacked a sense of humor.

    • When Hanna and Barbera first presented the idea of using a cat and mouse for a show (Tom and Jerry) Fred wasn't thrilled, mainly because he believed that they couldn't do anything original with a duo like that.

    • Once Quimby was the head of MGM, what he was really into was finding a character(or characters) that could compete with the greatness of others such as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.

    • Prior to being a producer, he had a slim knowledge of animation.

    • In 1957 (the year after Quimby retired), without any notice or warning, MGM shut down their Cartoon Devision.

    • During his time as head of MGM, the animation staff (mainly Joseph Barbera and William Hanna) had despised him. They believe he lacked the love and talent for producing animation.

    • Quimby was head of the MGM from 1926 to his retirement in 1956.

    • Quimby was hired by Fox in 1924. Here he was able to reorganize their short films department, and supervised the production of animated films.

    • Before owning a theatre or doing any animation, Quimby was simply a journalist.

    • He became a manager of a film theatre in Missoula, Montana in 1907.

    • It has been rumored that Quimby was able to win his producer's title, because of the long period of time he spent as a top salesman in New York. The company he was a salesman in was known as 'Pathe'.

    • Oscars Won by Fred Quimby Include:

      1943- Best Animated Short "The Yankee Doodle Mouse"
      1944- Best Animated Short "Mouse Trouble"
      1945- Best Animated Short "Quiet Please"
      1946- Best Animated Short "The Cat Concerto"
      1949- Best Animated Short "The Little Orphan"
      1952- Best Animated Short "The Two Mousketeers"
      1953- Best Animated Short "Johann Mouse" Oscars that Fred Quimby were nominated for but failed to win include:

      1941- Best Animated Short "The Night Before Christmas"
      1941- Best Animated Short "The Rookie Bear"
      1942- Best Animated Short "The Blitx Wolf"
      1947- Best Animated Short "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Mouse"
      1949- Best Animated Short "Hatch Up Your Toubles"
      1950- Best Animated Short "Jerry's Cousin" 1952- Best Animated Short "Little Johnny Jet"
      1955- Best Animated Short "Good Will to Men"

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