Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers


3/20/1928, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States of America



Birth Name

Fred McFeely Rogers



Also Known As

Fred M. Rogers, Rev. Frederick McFeely Rogers, Frederick McFeely Rogers, Mr. Rogers, Daniel S. Tiger, Mr. Rogers, Lady Elaine Fairchilde
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In 1954, he began working at WQED Pittsburgh as a puppeteer on a local children's television series, The Children's Corner. For the next seven years, he worked with host Josie Carey in unscripted live TV, and developed many of the puppets, characters and music used in his later…more


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    • Fred: There's a generous current in the American spirit. And if we can simply give voice to that once in a while, I think it's a good message.

    • Fred Rogers: I have really never considered myself a TV star. I always thought I was a neighbor who just came in for a visit.

    • Fred: Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

    • Fred: We have to remember to whom the airwaves belong, and we must put as great an emphasis on the nurturing of the human personality as we can. I believe that those of us who are the producers and purveyors of television -- or video games or newspapers or any mass media -- I believe that we are the servants of this nation.

    • Fred: You know you don't have to be an actor when you read a book to a child. All you need is to simply love what you're reading. Even just enjoying the pictures together is a great start. When you share a book with a child, you're saying to them that books are important. That's a gift that can nurture them all through their lives.

    • Fred: I got into television because I hated it so. And I thought there's some way of using this fabulous instrument to nurture those who would watch and listen.

    • Fred: I think people who produce and perform on programs for children should have as a prerequisite some sort of course to understand their audience. You wouldn't put a newsman on the air who didn't know how to pronounce Vietnam. But we give millions of dollars to these people who are producing cartoons and they have no earthly idea of what they're doing to a kid.

    • Fred: Have you ever been so mad you wanted to bite?

    • Fred: Whatever is mentionable is manageable.

    • Fred (Mister) Rogers: Please won't you be my neighbor?

  • RIP, neighbor

    i was one of the lucky thousands who was lucky enough to grow up watching Mr. Rogers and all i have to say is that he was truly a great man. On or off the set, he was genuanly kind and strong. Not in pysical strenth, but in strenth of character. He was one of those people who really cared about what he did and i think i speak for all when i say we will all miss you. "you are special and unique and i like you just for being you"-Fred Rogers 1928-2003 Visionary, Friend, Neighbor rest in peacemoreless
  • He may have died five years ago, but part of him is still alive.

    It's been exactly 5 years ago since Fred Rogers passed away. I felt so sorry for his death on that day. Even though he's already dead, our favorite television neighbor is still alive in those of us who have known him including myself. Just so long as we remember him and his shows, he will still be alive in our hearts and minds.

    I used to like watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood when I was little, and I still love that show today. I hope Fred is watching over his fans in his neighborhood up above. If there's a god up there, all I can say to Fred is "Please won't you be my neighbor?"moreless