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  • RIP, neighbor

    i was one of the lucky thousands who was lucky enough to grow up watching Mr. Rogers and all i have to say is that he was truly a great man. On or off the set, he was genuanly kind and strong. Not in pysical strenth, but in strenth of character. He was one of those people who really cared about what he did and i think i speak for all when i say we will all miss you. "you are special and unique and i like you just for being you"-Fred Rogers 1928-2003 Visionary, Friend, Neighbor rest in peace
  • He may have died five years ago, but part of him is still alive.

    It's been exactly 5 years ago since Fred Rogers passed away. I felt so sorry for his death on that day. Even though he's already dead, our favorite television neighbor is still alive in those of us who have known him including myself. Just so long as we remember him and his shows, he will still be alive in our hearts and minds.

    I used to like watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood when I was little, and I still love that show today. I hope Fred is watching over his fans in his neighborhood up above. If there's a god up there, all I can say to Fred is "Please won't you be my neighbor?"
  • Mr.Rogers was a cool old man.

    Sadly to say Mr. Fred Rogers died a couple of years ago. I heard that he was a pope but i don't know how true that is. Mr. Rogers was the main character and produced the show Mr. Rogers that got many people to know this sweet old man. However he thought of this show was great. One of the few shows when i was young and could still watch it now and not think of it as stupid or un bear able to watch. I been watching his show ever since i was 5. Was on Arthur another one of my favorites.
  • Miss him

    This guy was in Arthur and even has his own show. When he died it was sad because this guy was here during my childhood.He always had the greatest spririt for all kids. we shall all remember Mr. Rogers forever.(tears) It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. :( :( :( :) :) :) :) :)
  • This man was a freakin genius!

    I heard he died... I cried... I was 13. This man was a freakin genius! He knew how to really talk to kids. Not just say "apples are red!" This man understood that even 4 year old could be depressed. He is my hero. When my gramother died he was there, when my parents split he was there when my gradfather (like a father to me) died, he was there. Mr. Rodger's reminds me so much of mt grandfather, they look the same they act the same. I'm crying as I write this. PBS needs to continue to air Mister Rodger's Neighborhood until my grandkids are in college. I'm still a loyal watcher to this day and I'm 16! We love you Mr. Rodger's. "Will you be my neighbor?"