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Fred Tatasciore is a voice actor from New York City, New York, who is famous for playing superheroes in video games and characters in animated feature films. His first voicing role came in a 1983 Jackie Chan action film called Project A, where Tatasciore provided scream effects throughout the motion picture. His voice also appears in the 1994 Jet Li film, The Defender. The actor continued to lend his voice in sound effects and small character roles throughout the 80s and 90s. Video game producers began to notice his unique voice after Tatasciore got a job in the video game market in 2002, voicing characters in X-Men: Next Dimension. His work led to many other character roles in the video game market until a Hollywood studio asked Tatasciore to work in the 2007 box-office hit, Enchanted. His performance would lead to work in other animated film roles, including director Tim Burton's motion picture, 9, and the 2010 animated comedy film, Tangled.