Fred Willard

Fred Willard


9/18/1939, Shaker Heights, Ohio

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Fred Willard radiates a unique charm that has established him as one of our generation's most gifted comic actors. A master of sketch comedy, Fred is most heralded for his quick wit and improvisational expertise. His fifty appearances in sketches on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are…more


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    • Fred: I just admire everybody and sit in awe and watch them.

    • Fred Willard: (part of his tribute to Johnny Carson) I remember Johnny Carson laughing effusively when I made my "Tonight" show debut in the early 1970's as part of a sketch comedy group called the Ace Trucking Company. We didn't even have a name when we first did the show, but one of my favorite moments was looking over to see him laughing, falling off his chair. This was topped only by another kind of tribute often paid by Johnny: imitation. We did a sketch about tough motorcyclists stopping into a shop and demanding shoes and coming away with handbags and ruffled blouses and stuff, and after it was over, Johnny kept saying, "I want some shoes," like one of the characters, and that was just a kind of salute. To have him pick up a catchphrase and repeat it was just amazing.

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    I shouldn't be the guy to review Fred, especially since I am not a big fan. I feel he is a great supporting actor. I suppose he could hold his own on a children's film or something. I just don't believe that the man is a 4 or definitely not a 5 star actor. Come on now, he is a veteran actor who has had his chance in the spotlight. I will remember his humorous roles. I just can't see him being very diverse not ever playing some evil, hateful, dominant bad guy, for instance. He always plays a tagalong character. The biography on this page and eleven other ratings likely prove me wrong.moreless