Freddie and the Dreamers





11/14/1936 , Manchester, England

Birth Name

Freddie and the Dreamers



Band formed from Freddie Garrity of the Manchester skiffle group The Red Sox, and others from The Kingfishers.
Garrity, along with Bernie Dwyer, Roy Crewdson, Pete Birrell, and Ernie Malloy made the original lineup in 1961, and soon after Malloy left to get married and have a "normal" career. Derek Quinn, from the Fourtones, replaced him on lead guitar.
The band developed a synchronized, comedic style, often compared to The Shadows, but more elaborate and silly.
They had a hit in England with "If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody" in 1963. "I Understand" was a hit at Christmas for them.
November 22 1963 saw them doing a show with Roy Orbison, in which Orbison reportedly sand his song "Crying" with real tears that night.
In 1964 they were part of the Beatles' first Christmas Show.
Following the wave of other British Invasion groups, they made their mark on American shores in 1965, doing Hullabaloo, Shindig, the Ed Sullivan Show, and the Danny Kaye Show. "I'm Telling You Now", previously released, hit number 1 in the States, and Freddie's jumping around on stage was soon turned into a dance, "The Freddie." Mercury Records capitalized on this fad by releasing a song "Do The Freddie" only in the U.S.
Unfortunately the U.S. moved from one fad to another, and their hits were about over. They refused to play into the psychedelic rock scene, and their last LP was released in 1967 in England. They also did an LP of children's Disney songs.
Quinn left the band in the early 70s, and the rest toured mostly in Australia where they had remained popular.
After the official end of the band, Garrity and Birrell still performed together, and Garrity remained in the scene, with one form of Dreamers or another.
He teamed up with what is now Hats Off! and made another appearance for PBS in the States, but suffered a heart attack on the plane back to England. He was forced into retirement in 2001.