Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr.


3/8/1976, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Birth Name

Freddie James Prinze Jr.



Also Known As

Freddie Prince Jr
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Cole Ortiz on 24.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. stars as Cole Ortiz o...
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Freddie was born on March 8th, 1976, in Los Angeles, California and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father, Freddie Prinze Sr., was an actor who was best known for his role on the television show Chico and the Man. Unfortunately, his father committed suicide when Freddie Jr.…more


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    • Freddie: I like being romantic. Everything I do with my girl and with my other girlfriends, I try to be romantic. I like romance a lot, I like passion a lot. I like writing to them about how I feel about them and how they make me feel. And I want to let them know how special they are. And I'm not always good at verbally communicating that, so I really enjoy writing it down and then kind of being that way because it's as honest as I can possibly be.

    • Freddie: I'm the most chill person I know...I'm happy with myself...I'm not perfect, but I'm cool with that. (Teen People, June/July 2001)

    • Freddie: If people would only think of (my father's) gift (of comedy) instead of his death, I would love it. I have an album of his stand-up, "Lookin' Good," and no matter how upset I was, anytime, ever, the second I played it he could make me laugh. He was so sharp and spontaneous, so fast!

    • Freddie: To be honest, I wouldn't change a thing, cos' I like me the way I am. That's the way I was made and I don't think people should try to change that.

    • Freddie: I was an untouchable. People just stayed away, which was good because I didn't like what they stood for or believed in. I was raised to believe in myself. I know I'm cool. I'm not trying to brag or say I'm the man or anything like that. I don't lie or cheat, and I'm not mean to anybody. I treat people with respect.

    • Freddie: It's insane what I see people doing, but they're not going to listen to me, so what am I going to do? I've said a couple of things to a couple of people, but they're not going to learn anything from me. They've got it made, making $12 million a movie, so they don't get it. They don't recognize it as a problem, because it helps them forget about their problems. And if anybody who works with them tries to tell them, usually those people get fired.

    • Freddie: I was in the Vancouver airport, and I was speaking with a young girl. She asked if I was Freddie Prinze Jr., and I said I was. She kind of giggled, and while I was talking with her, her girlfriend ran up and took my sandwich. I did not call out after her. I didn't know what to do. I had never had anyone steal food from me before. How do you react if someone takes your sandwich? I just finished my cup of coffee and got on the plane and flew home.

    • Freddie: Being a teenager is the roughest time of your life and that's when your emotions are going 90 mph. I'd get angry or sad or I isolated myself a little and then I looked for help.

    • Freddie: After years of feeling like an outsider, I finally have a woman I love, and friends that I can trust. I am the luckiest man in the world to have met Sarah.

    • Freddie: My dad taught me the greatest lesson in life and that's to make sure the people around you feel loved. That's something he might not have been able to teach me if he were alive. So I owe him one.

    • Freddie: If you come out here without a solid foundation, you're done. You're dead before you've lived.

    • Freddie: I never did drugs in my life, no matter how often it was thrown in my face.

    • Freddie: (on having children) I will be the best father you have ever seen. I will win "Father of the Year" everytime. And Sarah will be the most fantastic mother.

    • Freddie: I'm having a midlife crisis. The gray hairs are not passing. But I am trying to age with dignity.

    • Freddie: I have a lot of goals. Until they're met, I won't be satisfied.

    • Freddie: (on his choice in movie roles when he was just starting out) When I moved out here and people saw my name... I had a shaved head, dark skin, and a tattoo... You would be shocked at the stuff they offered me. I was the gangbanger and the drug dealer and the thug. And that's all a Spanish or a black guy could get in this business. I decided I would not read for a role unless the character's name was Ryan or Bryan or Chad. And I think I got two Ryans in my career, which is pretty good.

    • Freddie: (on cooking) They say you're either a cutter or a burner. I never cut myself. I had been chopping vegetables with my mother since I was a kid, so I had that down. But I would get burned. With oil, usually. I have plenty of scars on my hands.

    • Freddie: Never cook with wine you wouldn't drink.

    • Freddie: Life is the same as it was before Sarah and I got married. We put enough information out to the public to keep everyone happy, but what we don't want people to know, they don't know.

    • Freddie: I've definitely chosen my roles wisely, and lived my life in a straight-up manner... You don't see me taking drugs, drinking, or cheating on my wife.

  • Great comedy actor with cute smile

    Haha, had to put riding on the family name really, don't mean it in a derogatory way though.

    I first fell in love with Freddie when I watched 'She's all That', the film still remains one of my favourites, such a great chick flick.

    I also really enjoyed his performance as Ray in 'I know what you did last summer'. I saw a few episodes of 'Freddie' and obviously loved it for Freddie being in it.

    I have also seen him live, I know how cool is that, I saw him a few years back with Chris Klein in the London West End in a show called 'This is our Youth', we were in the front row so I have been very VERY close to him, swoooooooon.

    With that cute smile and great comedic performance I think he should do well and I look forward to seeing him in more films and TV shows.moreless
  • I would have to say, I like seeing him in the show Freddie.

    I would have to say, I like seeing him in the show Freddie. I believe that he can really act I mean like in the business it is not just about name although that could be an advantage, but he has something special for me, and you don't really need to point it out as long as you just know it, and I believe that he could be a thing.