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  • Paradise Cove

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    S 6 : Ep 1 - 9/28/79

    The Rockford’s are having a particularly bad month; Rocky has his leg in plaster, Jim recently lost a lawsuit against a fellow resident C.C Calloway and Court Auditor Althea Morgan appears to take inventory of Jim’s possessions. She accompanies Jim to the bi-annual Paradise Cove Residents Committee Meeting where C.C Calloway puts forward a case to evict Jim from the Cove. Althea elects Jim to be the Cove Residents Security, which they duly accept. While doing his rounds Jim stumbles into three men digging around the beach hot dog stand, who attack him and Jim crashes the Firebird while chasing them. With Angel’s help Jim begins to investigate C.C Calloway, the former Malibu Sheriff and finds an old news story about a shootout at the Cove fifty years earlier related to smuggling stolen whiskey and gold bullion. Angel visits Jim with more news, but runs into the three men who attack him and Jim chases them again in Angels car without success, but gets clue to where they came from; Hill Haven Hospital, whose resident Roscoe Ragland was involved in the Cove shootout previously. Jim and then deals with C.C and solves the case of the missing gold bullion – it’s under his trailer…moreless