Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman


3/20/1979, London, England

Birth Name

Freema Agyeman


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Freema Agyeman was born in 1979 in London to Ghanaian and Iranian parents. Ever since a young age, she wanted to become an actress and got her big break in the now cancelled Crossroads as Lola Wise. She later appeared in several episodes of the ITV crime drama,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Freema narrated the special feature "The Life and Deaths of Captain Jack" on the Torchwood Season Two DVD set.

    • In September 2008 Freema appeared in the Torchwood play Lost Souls with co-stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd which aired on BBC Radio 4 and has been released on audio CD.

    • In July 2008 Freema hosted Doctor Who At The Proms at the London Royal Albert Hall.

    • Freema's Doctor Who character Martha Jones came in at Number 24 for Top 25 Babes of Sci-Fi TV on the IGN site.

    • Freema won the 2007 People's Choice category for "Female TV Star" in the 5th annual Screen Nation Film and TV Awards which were held on Monday 15th October 2007 at the Hilton Metropole in London.

    • Freema admitted that her named is actually spelled 'Frema' in an issue of Torchwood magazine.

    • In 2007 Freema recorded a commentary for the episode Last Of The Time Lords with David Tennant and John Barrowman for Doctor Who Season 3 DVD box set.

      In 2008 Freema appeared on the cover of the Doctor Who Season 4 DVD box set with her name credited on the cover.

    • Freema has also recorded abridged versions of the Doctor Who novels The Last Dodo, Wetworld, The Pirate Loop, Martha In The Mirror and The Story Of Martha.

    • In a 2008 poll with SFX Doctor Who Magazine Special, Freema's Doctor Who character Martha Jones came in at Number 3 for Best Companion.

    • Freema is currently narrating the series Bizarre ER for BBC3 in 2008.

    • Freema appeared on the February 2008 (Issue 2) cover of Torchwood Magazine along with Eve Myles.

    • Freema appeared on the February 2008 cover (Issue 391) of Doctor Who Magazine.

    • Lost out to Lacey Turner for Best Actress at the 2007 National Television Awards.

    • Freema admitted in Now Magazine that she got a certificate for pole dancing as part of a birthday escapade.

    • Freema also appeared in the final episode of Mile High as a Fresh Air Cabin Crew member in the near future, talking to Janice Steele about the famous crash which killed Leanne. This episode closed down the series as all its main characters had left according to Janice and Will.

    • Freema had also auditioned for a role in Doctor Who called Esme. This character was originally written into the episodes Rise Of The Cybermen/The Age Of Steel but was abandoned to explore Mrs Moore much further.

      Russell had joked about making her companion Martha Jones a lesbian but decided not to go there.

    • Freema appeared on the cover of "Doctor Who Adventures" Issue #12.

    • Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper admitted in a interview with Jonathan Ross that she is somewhat jealous of Freema replacing her.

    • Freema appeared on the cover of "Doctor Who Magazine" Issue #374.

    • Freema is rumoured to appear on the cover of the British magazine "Loaded".

    • Freema was originally called to try-out for the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood - but instead found out on the day of her audition, it was really for the new companion in Series Three of Doctor Who.

    • Freema attended and made a speech at the 2006 MOBO Awards.

    • Children aged fourteen and under could participate in Blue Peter's contest to win a chance to meet Freema during the filming of Doctor Who Series Three.

    • Freema's image is now on a Doctor Who Trading Card for the Exterminator deck, with the name of Adeola - the character she played in "Army of Ghosts".

    • Freema actually demanded in her contract an on-screen kiss with David Tennant for series three of Doctor Who.

    • Freema got her start on the now cancelled soap, "Crossroads".

    • Freema plays Nana in the movie "Rulers and Dealers", which is now in post-production and will be released late 2006.

    • To send fanmail or autograph requests, send a letter in a self-adressed stamped envelope to:

      Freema Agyeman
      c/o JLM Management
      259 Acton Lane
      London, W4 5DG
      United Kingdom

    • Nominated for "Sexiest Female" as Lola Wise in "Crossroads" at the What's On TV Magazine Awards 2003.

    • Nominated for "Best Newcomer" as Lola Wise in "Crossroads" at The British Soap Awards 2003.

    • Prior to attending University and after attending College, Freema attended the Anna Scher Theatre School in Islington.

    • Her secondary school was Our Lady's Convent in Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill.

    • Freema studied for a time at Radford University in the United States.

    • She is sometimes credited as Freema Ageyman.

    • The producers of Doctor Who were so impressed with her performance in Army of Ghosts, that they offered her the role of Martha Jones on the show's upcoming third series.

    • Freema is the first ethnic minority companion to appear in an episode of Doctor Who. Prior to this, Mickey Smith, who travelled with Rose and The Doctor in the second series of the revival, is sometimes considered a companion. There have been other ethnic minority companions, however these have been in comic strips or novels.

    • Freema is skilled at various accents including Liverpudlian and Australian.

    • She is trained in basic martial arts and gymnastics plus horse riding.

    • Freema graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts and Design.

  • Quotes

    • Freema: (On appearing in Torchwood) The temporary move to Torchwood was 'natural' for Martha. She still has her interest in alien life, but wants to keep her feet firmly on planet Earth.

    • Freema: (on the future of her character) It's a perfect progression for her character because she develops such a strong character by the end of series three. So if Jack needs help, who else is he going to call? Jack trusted her to save the world. So did the Doctor. So who are you going to call? Martha Jones."

    • Freema: (asked if she was a fan of "Doctor Who" as a kid) I was, but I wasn't an avid fan. My Doctor was Sylvester McCoy, which was at the very end, before it came off air. So I didn't have years of experience of Doctor Who - I just watched that era and then it went away. But I definitely watched it growing up - my whole family did.

    • Freema: (On her character Martha Jones in Doctor Who) She's older than Rose, more secure, but she doesn't have a boyfriend. She has her own little flat and her family around her. Rose had only her mum, but Martha has a big family. She isn't looking to the Doctor for guidance or education, she wants adventure. She hasn't kissed her old life good-bye though, and I think she intends to go back to qualify as a doctor. There are funny moments when the Doctor says, 'I'm the Doctor' and Martha says, 'So am I!' She speaks her mind.

    • (When asked about what it's like to work with David Tennant)
      Freema: He's an absolute joy to work with, huge talent. Of course everybody knows that! But, I started to think of him as a close friend than as an amazing actor, and my eyes were re-opened.

  • Had only one series of doctor who could it be she cant act at all?

    Tried her level best to destroy third series doctor who with her over acting and non acting combo but still she makes the producers feel sorry for her and give back her role for further episodes .To be honest i cant blame them as i feel sorry for her also , especaily as she so untalented at her chosen proffesion.What galls me more is the people that seem to have fallen under the delusion that shes a great companion/aceptable actress .Shes the doctor who equivilant of avery brooks but even more embarassing and less likely to be seen in anything else.heres hopingmoreless
  • Fantastic little actress.

    She's been in a few programmes such as Mile HIgh and Crossroads and now she's in Dr Who. I like Freema, but i do think that her character Martha in Dr Who is compared to much to her predecessor, and the writers must stop this, as it is a total different character, poor Martha is continually put down. Freema is very talented, and can be utilised in Dr Who given the chance. I think she should lose the infatuation with the Dr tho, because I think that this season finale (this weekend) will make her a true hero. Freema is a fantastic little actress who can develop if she decides to leavemoreless