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  • Veteran character actor Fritz Weaver has done it all, from Broadway to Soap Operas. Definitely a man for all seasons!

    Whoa, how did TVAddict77 beat me to a FW review? Just goes to show that we both have very good taste.

    Fritz Weaver can do about anything, whether playing Sherlock Holmes in the musical "Baker Street" on Broadway (and he does NOT sing, by the way) or playing some dude's father on "All My Children" - I think. I don't "do" soaps anymore since moving back from Europe (where they were my lifeline), but I do know FW was featured in a recurring role. Somehow, one always believes the parts he's playing at the moment. Decades ago, he was a star in a PBS production of "The Crucible" and he was downright scary. Having said that, he's done some horror flicks, too, which I never saw because I didn't care, but I heard he was pretty convincing in that genre as well. Fritz Weaver has read audiobooks, one of which ("Gallileo's Daughter" - spelling!) and his distinctive voice lends a touch of class to anything he narrates. If you've watched any PBS (or other) documentary, you have probably heard his voice but didn't realize it.

    I met Mr. Weaver in 1966 backstage at a revival of "My Fair Lady" and it was, at that time (I was 14), the high point of my life. Chances are, if you catch some late-night rerun, you'll bump into Fritz Weaver. Sit back and enjoy.