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    • Frosti (on why he refused to give eye-contact to any of his former tribe members during one of the challenges on "Survivor"): Well, one thing that nobody really saw was is that there's definitely a lot of pressure from Todd and Amanda. The first thing I did when I got to Fei Long was talk to Todd. I felt like I could connect with somebody like him, he was a small guy like me. He really seemed to be in control of what was going on over there. So, I went and talked to him and was like basically, what did I have to do to get in his good graces because it seemed like he was sort of running the show. And he basically told me what I had to do, which was prove myself to all of them, gain trust, and one of the big things that I got from talking to Todd and Amanda and Jean-Robert ... they all said they basically didn't want to see me trying to throw signals to the other team. Telling them what I was doing or anything like that because, basically, it made sense.