Furonda Brasfield

Furonda Brasfield


Stuttgart, Arkansas

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Furonda Brasfield



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Furonda is a 5'11 tall girl and weighs only 115 lbs. She started singing in a choir called "Little Angels" years ago. She's almost finished her first album (music is exposed in her myspace page). It was recorded in Sweet Pea's Suga Town apartment. Then, she decided to…more


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    • (On being eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model') Furonda: At that point, I think I realized that I'm not what they're looking for at Top Model, and that's OK. I'd just rather leave now than prolong it. I had a really good attitude about the whole thing.

    • Furonda: I hated being thin, I never liked being thin until the modeling validated how I felt about my body. I just want girls to know that it's all about loving yourself, however your body is made and just to love your body.

    • (her pet peeve)
      Furonda: People who want to talk about their problems all the time.

    • (her motivation)
      Furonda: I just think of where I've come from, and nothing is worse. I've come so far.

    • Furonda: I can talk to anyone about anything and smile the whole time. I'll be a great spokesperson.


    I love this girl. Ever since my friend sold me on her, I started watching her on past seasons of America's Next Top Model. It seems the show dramatically twisted her personality around, making her look like a underwhelming wanna-be with a diva complex. The truth is, she is a beautiful, strong, commanding woman who seems to expect nothing but a higher standard for herself, and that's totally understandable! She modeled with Rome Romanne and he told me she is so sweet and beautiful. She is so unique. She's also one good actress, seeing her on Veronica Mars. She looks very pretty on screen. Obviously, the camera loves her. I bet her reality show wil take off. After all, who would know more about the combination of reality shows and modeling better than she does!

    No doubt, Furonda is my fevorite America's Next Top Model alumni. I want to see more of her.moreless