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  • G.W. Bailey

    G.W. Bailey perfectly captures the character of Lt. Provenza. He is funny and grumpy with a softer sensitive and caring side. He makes me laugh and cry. I am at a point in my life when I needed to find some reason to get up everyday. Major Crimes and G.W. Bailey have given me a reason to get up, well at least on Mondays to watch the show. Hopefully the show stays on for a long time!
  • G. W. Bailey is funny, funny, funny, and yet can play a serious role as a genuinely caring person when necessary. I like his gruff personality; that combined with his comic side make for a great complete package!

    G. W. Bailey certainly plays a role that could not be performed better by anyone on earth. He provides the perfect humor, ineptness, gruffness, and yet, he shows some truly compassionate moments when helping Kyra Sedgwick deal with difficult cases. And, of course, he is a perfect foil to entertain Brenda's parents when they arrive on the scene- too funny! I love all the shows in the series except for those where Mary McDonnell is involved. I do not like those at all. She is just too caustic and sarcastic for my blood, and I see no reason whey a person like that needed to be introduced to this series; maybe she had a good agent, ha. ha. I will miss the Closer so much!!