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  • Gabriel Byrne is an really good actor and should have been an bigger star, but in an age in 56, soon 57, he don't got much time left in the top if he ever reach it. It is kinda sad because he do many really good movies and don't get much credit for it:/

    The first movie I saw of Gabriel was the Ghost Ship. It was at TV and well.. it scared me:P Haha.. But I couldn't stop watching it. It tuched me, if you know what I mean. And I still remember Captain Sean. It took me a wile before I found out that it was Gabriel who played him. I'll never forget what expresion he gave in that movie. Since that I saw The Man in the Iron Mask. That one is my personal favorite film! And Gabriel? He've been hunting me since I saw that movie. I was always thinking of him. Even in my dreams! Not even Johnny Depp have done that and he's my favorite actor!
    So trust me when I say: He is an actor you really should keep an eye on and watch his movies who even an little 14 teen years old girl watches!
  • I recently discovered this series through Netflix and just can't get enough. Gabriel is outstanding in his role and his eye so expressive.

    I give this series two thumbs up for reality, drama, and outstanding actors, especially Gabriel. It is interesting, believable and inspirational. I find his therapy style so insightful and powerful. I could watch this series every day. What happens to Gina for the 3rd series? I really like her!!! As Dr. Paul Weston, Gabriel appears comfortable and confident in this role. It is interesting how most of his clients challenge him most of the time and then have a breakthrough following the conflict. I find in his own therapy sessions with Gina, he is more challenging to her than any of his clients are to him. I like Gina's role and her character and would like to see more of her.
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    Gabriel Byrne is truly a wonderful actor. I mean the man didn't even become an actor until much later in life. These days, it's rare to find such a talented actor who hasn't been in the business his or her whole life.