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  • Loyalty

    Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter better than anyone in the acting world could of, accept Leonardo Dicaprio of course, but seriously all jokes aside he is a great actor for this role and im happy to see this show go on.
  • Respect

    I adore you. Wish i could be somewhere close to being Harvey Spectre somewhere in my life. Such a Mind Blowing Attitude!
  • Head Over Heels Smitten

    Dashingly handsome, suave, sexy voice and such a talented actor. I've never been so impressed with an actor before. He's the whole package.
  • empty

    I really liked Gabriel in "Because I Said So." He was great! Very likeable, and I can definitely see him in more leading-man type roles. I remember him from "American Outlaws" as well, where he was also really likeable. Winning smile, friendly eyes. Hope to see him more in the future!
  • Very talented, good-looking, and underused actor. Amazing that he has not been in more movies as he won Breakthrough of the Year Award given by Movieline for Love Song For Bobby Long.

    He is a very talented actor, and has chosen many diversified roles. The first time I noticed him was from Amercian Outlaws, which I thought he stole the movie with the part of Frank James, and then discovered he had been on the short-lived TV show The Others. He has had parts in The Recruit, Bad Company, and Behind Enemy Lines, but the best part of his to-date is A Love Song For Bobby Long. He played an alcoholic living with John Travolta and really got to show his acting talent off with this role. It won him the Breakthrough of the Year Award given by Hollywood Movieline. He is now filming The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, and Robert De Niro. Hopefully this part will give him the exposure he so richly deserves and offers will come in with more different parts he can play and show off his acting talent.