Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi


10/10/1991, Dandenong, Melborne, Victoria, Australia

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Gabriella Lucia Cilmi


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Gabriella Cilmi was born in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong where she lives with her parents Paula and Joe, and her brother Joseph. She attended Sacred Heart Girls College, although now she continues her education vsia correspondence. At an early age she gained an interest in a variety…more


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  • Wow, CANNOT believe she's 16 =| and she's one of my favourite singers ^_^

    Heh. I first heard of Gabriella Cilmi on an advert back in about April and thought "Oh gawd, someone from High School Musical?". But when I checked out her MySpace and heard some of her songs on YouTube - I thought she was AWESOME ^_^ She's a very very talented singer, especially considering her age, and certainly goes down as one of my favourites! Considering all the stupid artists you get these days writing songs about their Rolex =P she's REALLY good.

    I bought her album on iTunes too =D Some people say her voice is similar to Anastacia/Amy Winehouse/Duffy etc...And I think they're right sorta. But she has got her own unique style about her, y'know? ^_^ Her first single "Sweet About Me" charted at #6 in the UK and I'm sure maybe some of her future songs are set to be big over here :D

    Anywho, overall: what can I say? ^_^ Apart from the fact she's a great person, phenomenal singer and...yeah, just overall brilliance :Dmoreless