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Gabrielle Christian


7/30/1984, District of Columbia, Wasington, USA

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Gabrielle always loved acting. She started out her professional career acting on stage. Gabrielle has guest-starred in many shows including Young Americans, Drake and Josh, and Windfall. Her first starring role was on South of Nowhere, a teen drama on the N, playing the role of Spencer Carlin…more


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    • Gabrielle: My dream has always been to break into the film world. I love movies. I love especially independent films.

    • Gabrielle: Because things are so sensationalized, kids want to see a lot of drama, that is kind of what appeals to young people. But, nowadays I think it's important that kids can see [characters] they can relate to.

    • Gabrielle: [Maeve's] like the buffest person I've ever met!

    • Gabrielle: I love the city (I grew up there), but I think I am slowly but surely kind of getting over it...what I love about in Montana is that people are real and genuine, and they really appreciate the small pleasures of life. I also do love animals- my boyfriend's family lives on a ranch of 200 head of cattle, 50 horses, goats, bunny rabbits, cats and a huge heard of cattle dogs!

    • Gabrielle: Well, my dreams are to help out my parents and support my little sisters' college tuitions...However, I'd also eventually love to have a family of my own and help fulfill my husband and kids' goals in life. I'd also love for my family to have the ability to travel and see the world together. Traveling is extremely important to me, I just love it.

    • Gabrielle: Oh, I love having people come see me on set....helps me relax and reminds me what I am working for.

    • Gabrielle (about her impressions on the charactor Ashley and Mandy Musgrave): Mandy's character and my character are so similar to our personalities in real life, that we have a lot chemistry on a personal level. On the first set of callbacks for the show, out of a room of 25 girls I went and sat by Mandy. We talked the whole time—two hours in the lobby. Tommy Lynch (the producer) kept calling us back in over and over again to read together. It was weird. We were friends but we had just met that day. So the more in-depth we got in the auditioning process, it started to narrow down to Mandy and me.

      And now she's my best friend in LA. We're like Spencer and Ashley, we go everywhere together and we do everything together. We have a very good friendship and it's helped in developing our characters.

    • Gabrielle: (talking about her families reaction to "South of Nowhere") My father is pretty much everything you think would be against this show. He's Catholic, conservative, traditional. He's from Europe and his whole life he's been very stuck in his traditions and how he was raised. At first he was pretty shocked. He saw the pilot and it was a little much for him, especially considering that I'm his daughter. But it's funny because his family is the same as him-he has five brothers and sisters-and they're all really excited about the show. They're sending out these mass emails--I don't even need a publicist right now because my family is so excited!

      I wouldn't have thought they'd do that, because they would technically be identified as people who would be against this show. But they're all for it.

    • Gabrielle: You have to flail to fly.

  • one of the most under rated stars in TV!

    oh my GOD!! i love Gabrielle Christian.. i have since the first time I saw her.. she reminds me a lot of Jessica Alba.. she is such a talented actress and very sweet too.. I think taht is rare for stars today.. every time i see her i can just tell that she really is a good person.. by the way she talks and laughs and her sweetness makes me just wanna cuddle her.. (OH!!) and might I just say that she's getting hotter and hotter by the minute.. i've just seen the new promos for SoN and man that was intense!! looks like Spencer is really broadening her horizon.. bye bye Ash!!moreless
  • Gabrielle Christian is one of the best actresses i have seen. In Fact she is my favorite.

    Gabrielle christian is on south of nowhere and i love her in that role. she plays it so well and you can relate to all the things that she and Mandy Musgrave potrait in the show. she has been supporting roles in other shows but i like that this show has her as the main character. she is really talented and i think that she will be around for quite a while. i can't wait to she her in things to come such as Girltrash. But that isn't as good as south of nowhere. i hope that the show continues and that i see alot more of her.moreless