Gabrielle Richens

Gabrielle Richens


9/15/1974, Kent, England

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At the age of 14 Gabrielle left school to move to Spain and begin her modeling career. She was featured in the 1998 Heineken Calendar. She appeared on the cover of the Australian Playboy's 20th Anniversary Edition


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1999, Gabrielle posed nude for Australian Playboy.

    • In 2007, Gabrielle won a role in a telemovie based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith, playing one of her early Playmate.

    • In 1998, Gabrielle was featured in Heineken's calendar.

    • Gabrielle dated Australian rugby player Solomon Haumono in the late 1990s.

    • Gabrielle appeared on the cover of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Playboy magazine.

    • Gabrielle was discovered when she was 13-years-old by a photographer, and within a year she had left school and modelling in Spain.

    • Gabrielle's mother is English and her father is South African.

    • Gabrielle has done modelling work for various companies, including Pepsi, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Heineken.

    • Gabrielle is the face of the lingerie line, Gorgeous.

    • Gabrielle made her movie debut in the movie Hack.

    • Gabrielle has modelled on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London and New York.

    • Gabrielle has the nickname 'The Pleasure Machine'. She was given this nickname after she appeared in a television advertisement for Virgin Atlantic Airlines commercial. In the commercial, she performed a strip tease and ripped off her top while the tag line "Aboard The Pleasure Machine" appeared.

    • Gabrielle's luxury item for the Australian edition of Celebrity Survivor was a rag doll her sister gave her years ago. Gabrielle takes the doll on all her travels.

  • Quotes

    • Gabrielle: G-Strings are the best piece of lingerie ever invented.

    • Gabrielle: I'll give anything a go if I'm asked nicely.

    • Gabrielle: Sex keeps me healthy and fit - after all it's the only exercise I get!

    • Gabrielle: (on "Celebrity Survivor") We didn't have deodorant or toothbrushes. You didn't exactly feel attractive! I actually made toothbrushes out of bamboo.

    • Gabrielle: I've never camped! I'm an anti-camper. I once did a photo shoot on Fraser Island and there's a lot of camping there. I just remember staying at a five star resort, going out to shoot on location and being like 'what are they all doing camping? I mean, what kind of vacation is that?!

    • Gabrielle: (on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") I'm so spoilt, I'm such a princess. But at the same time, I know it – I don't take myself seriously. I know competing on Celebrity Survivor is going to be hard. But however long I'm in there for, it's a certain amount of days or weeks and then I go back to my real life – a suitcase full of toiletries and my nice place in LA. It's an experience that not everybody gets the opportunity to take up and I think we're all going to come off the island with something that's changed about us.

    • Gabrielle: I don't have a competitive bone in my body. I'm definitely not going to be seen as a threat. I think people on my team are going to look at me and realise I'm not capable of winning. But you never know. You just don't know how you're going to behave in an environment that you've never been in before.

    • Gabrielle: I thought Celebrity Survivor would actually be fun because it's so far removed from living in Hollywood. I'll miss my mum a lot though. I speak to her practically every day of my life. Not talking to her is going to be far more difficult than living without my toiletries!

    • Gabrielle: I love nudity. I'm always nude. When I was a little girl my mother would always have to dress me because I was quite good at taking my clothes off.

    • Gabrielle: (on appearing on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") When I was asked, 'What's your idea of slumming it?', I said, 'Three-star hotel'. I am Lady Luxury.