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    • Gabby's interested in dancing, surfing, wakeboarding and painting.

    • Her eyes are green.

    • Gabrielle reads John Grisham and Paulo Cohelo.

    • She has two older brothers.

    • Gabrielle loves sports, bali, painting and meeting new people.

    • Her boyfriend is Ryan Corr.

    • Gabrielle was born in Newcastle and grew up in the picturesque coastal town of Forster. She has two older brothers, Tom and Joel, so she grew up as a bit of a tomboy. She loves to spend her spare time at the beach and enjoys surfing (Gabrielle rides a long board) and wake-boarding with her brothers and dad. She also enjoys studying a variety of dance styles including classical, jazz, contemporary and modern ballet. Her favorite holiday destinations are Java, Sumatra and Bali or anywhere in Indonesia. She also studies Indonesian at school. Gabrielle comes from a family of surfing enthusiasts (her uncle is the owner/shaper of Newcastle surf designs) so scoring a role on Blue Water High was the perfect part for this bright, bubbly teen.

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  • A change of character for Gabrielle, Khan and Trent.

    Dangerous is a new Aussie drama about the world of ram raiding and organised crime and is worlds apart from the wholesome teen drama Blue Water High. Khan Chittenendan, Gabrielle Scollay and Trent Dalzell leave their wholesome characters far behind them in blue water for this action packed series. This is the best Aussie drama I have seen in ages and I enjoyed the raw and direct approach to filming and acting. The filming techniques help to draw the veiwer into the 'Dangerous' world that Dean (Khan) is struggling to survive in . Best of all it was great to see these young actors move from their Blue Water High characters to their far more 'Dangerous' characters with skill and ease. I look forward to seeing all of them in a variety of roles in the future.moreless