Gaby Hoffmann

Gaby Hoffmann


1/8/1982, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Birth Name

Gabriella Mary Hoffmann



Also Known As

Gaby Hoffman, Gabriella Hoffmann
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Gaby began acting in commercials at age four to help pay the family bills but got tired of the work and quit. At age six, she got back into the business and made her first film 1989's Field of Dreams. Until the summer of 1993, Gaby had lived…more


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    • Gaby: Being a famous child is something that you never really get away from. It does something to you. It took me a long time to sort through all that.

    • Gaby Hoffmann: (about being in "Field of Dreams" as a child) I spent all day playing baseball and flirting with [co-star] Ray Liotta. I loved it!

    • Gaby: (on her mother) She's strange. Every day is different with her. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person to have her, and sometimes she embarrasses me.

    • Gaby: (on choosing to become stupid) I've thought about that, but I would never want it. Because stupid people are really, really BORING. What do they have to say to each other?

    • Gaby: I didn't want to think about a career, all I wanted to do was hang out and make friendship bracelets, so I said I was retired. I retired when I was eight. I quit for a year, but then school got to seem boring, of course, so I started again.

    • Gaby: (on being part of Everyone Says I Love You) It was great casting. I mean, when I heard that Drew was in it, and Julia Roberts, I thought, this is strange. Of course when I heard I was in it, I was pretty shocked about myself. But it's not his typical cast, it's very Hollywood.

    • Gaby: (on her character in Now and Then) I have the most crazy, insane family that you could imagine! That was really fun, though, to play the dream little girl, riding around on bikes and going on little adventures.

    • Gaby: (on Tommy Lee Jones) I heard awful things about him, but he was very nice to me, and very professional. And he's a great actor. I mean, in my opinion, he plays the same role over and over, the authority figure, the lawyer. But I loved him in Natural Born Killers, and I was excited to work with him.

    • Gaby: (on how she started acting) My mom tried to get me started when I was a baby, I don't know why. I guess we needed money or something. And you know how they test you - if your mother leaves the room, and you start to cry, they won't hire you.

    • Gaby: My mom has had a wild, crazy life, but now that she's in her 50s, a house mom in Woodland Hills who doesn't do anything but walk the dogs and garden, she's a little different.

    • Gaby: I hate the whole thing when you meet other people and just because they're in the business too, they act like they really know you after two minutes. Ugh.

    • Gaby: My mom is a really cool person, and she has had great experiences. I love to look at old books and see how much fun she's had. But we don't have the Best Friend mother-daughter thing where I run home and tell her everything that's going on in my life.

    • Gaby: I grew up in Chelsea, with heroin addicts, a professor from Brooklyn Tech who was a drug dealer on the side, people getting raped, fires.....but see, that was normal for me. The house with the dog, and the garden, and the pool, the private school, and the uniform, I'm glad I didn't grow up that way. I'm thankful to my mom for raising me in the Chelsea in New York, because if it was any other way, I couldn't have handled it.

    • Gaby: When I went to school, I was amazed at how three quarters of what we are taught is totally useless. School would be great if we got to choose our courses, like you do in college. They force the most ridiculous things on you, like geometry! I was glad when it was over, and I didn't care about my senior prom and all that. Those were not the golden years of my life.

    • Gaby: My mother is actually the exact opposite of a typical stage mom. She's been great about it. She just sort of showed it to me when I was five and said, "Do you like this?" She never pushed me. If I went home right now and said I wouldn't do it anymore, she'd probably thank me, because it's so stressful for her.

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