Gaelan Walker


Gaelan Walker Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Following his stay in the Big Brother house, Gaelan resumed his occupation as a carpenter.

    • During rehearsal for Underneath The Radar, Gaelan fell and dislocated his right knee and was on pain killers during the Big Brother finale party.

  • Quotes

    • Gaelan: (reflecting back on his "Big Brother" romance with Krystal Forscutt) It was a really surreal time - after leaving the house - for a relationship. I know that if I can't give 100% then I don't want to be in it. But we're still good mates and we speak to each other all the time.

    • Gaelan: (on fellow "Big Brother" contestant Krystal, with whom he had a relationship with in the house) We're still mates, but it's just a busy time in both our lives and we decided that if we couldn't give the relationship 100 per cent, then we were wasting each other's time.