Gail Edwards





Coral Gables, Florida

Birth Name

Gail Edwards




Gail Edwards, who concluded her last two roles portraying the engaged Vicky Larson on ABC's Full House and Sharon Lemure, the fast-talking mother of Six on NBC's Blossom, is no stranger to television. During her five-year run portraying Dot Higgins on ABC's It's a Living, Gail accumulated many movies-of-the-week, along with numerous guest-star appearances in such hits as Night Court, MASH, Taxi, Happy Days, and the premier episode of the Amazing Stories, directed by Steven Spielberg. Gail's commercial credits have been equally impressive. Whether interacting with Jack Klugman for Cannon Copiers or making pictures disappear with David Copperfield for Kodak, Gail's Clio-Award-winning Dr. Pepper commercial and forever-running Sizzler advertisements have kept her in the public eye since her first Johnson's Baby Oil spot.

Gail, a native Floridian, was raised in Miami and caught the performing bug early in life. She had her father hang the curtain and lights while she choreographed, costumed, and starred in her own neighborhood musicals. In the sixth grade, Gail played "Little Mary" in The Women at the Coconut Grove Playhouse and then moved on to numerous industrial films and local television spots. In 1977, she wrote, produced, and starred in her first off-Broadway musical Becoming. Soon afterwards, she landed the role of "Sandy" in Broadway's national tour of Grease. After producing and starring in two additional Los Angeles productions, The Good One and Vanities, both earning her the Drama-Logue Critics' Award, Gail turned her focus toward television

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