Gail O'Grady

Gail O'Grady


1/23/1963, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Gail O'Grady


  • Gail O'Grady as Wanda on Hellcats.
  • Gail O'Grady as Wanda on Hellcats.
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She is the daughter of Jim a financial planner and his wife Jan. She had a brother Michael an investment banker who recently passed away he was only 42 .She was raised in Wheaton, Illinois. Her mother says she has been a natural mimic since childhood. On the…more


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  • Attractive, with excellent comic timing.

    To be fair and balance out Gail O'Gradys' rating, I submit that she reminded me of a younger Ann-Margret in the two episodes she appeared in, and exhibited excellent comic timing. She was attractive, had fun with the role, was a perfect foil to Charlies' character, had excellent facial expressions, and had two or three of the best lines in the episodes in which she appeared, notably that Kandi had gotten her looks from her mother but other things from her father. The scene in which she gives Alan advise on how to win Kandi back while handcuffed to Charlies' bed and wondering if they had thought this through was funny, as was the scene at Alan's former house.moreless
  • Growing Talent

    The true show of talent as an actor is the ability to be so transformed by a role that you are unrecognizable, not everyone can do that. So actors are good, but they seem to do the same thing over and over. I have always like Gail O'Grady; I did not really watch her on NYPD Blue, but I have seen her do drama and comedy before. Her performance on Law and Order:SVU the episode titled "Selfish", she was great. As I write this I have not finished watching the episode, but her performance is so GOOD, I had to stop to give her her "props". I hope she gets nominated for an Emmy. Law and Order:SVU always seems to bring out the best performances in an actor.moreless