Gail O'Grady





1/23/1963 , Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Gail O'Grady




She is the daughter of Jim a financial planner and his wife Jan. She had a brother Michael an investment banker who recently passed away he was only 42 .She was raised in Wheaton, Illinois. Her mother says she has been a natural mimic since childhood.

On the NYPD Blue set in L.A., she was a troublemaker. She and fellow Chicagoan Dennis Franz liked to do silly things, says Franz, like scotch tape peoples hands behind their backs. But she also has a serious side. "When things bother her she shows it" says Franz "I'll ask her, 'whats wrong?' and she'll say, 'There you go again, figuring me out.'"

What was bothering her the most recently were tabloid reports that her former boyfriend Robert Claypool has been stalking her ever since the two broke up a couple years ago. On Feb 2 O'Grady sought a restraining order against Claypool in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that he had verbally abused her "on numerous occasions". But no order was ever issued. Claypool could not be reached for comment, and all O'Grady will say now about the relationship is "It's something that ended, and thats where I'd like to keep it".

Sadly, it's not the first romance to go sour for the four time divorced O'Grady. She had just graduated from Wheaton North High School in 1981 and wed her highschool sweetheart. His name is Richard Dasko. "He was the best Guy" she said. "We were just too young. Maybe if we had waited, it would have worked out." They spilt after two years only. She married her manager in 1995 but it didn't work out.

Her other husbands were Jeffery Byron and Severin Wunderman. Its been claimed that she has had many affairs by her previous boyfriend Claypool (but hey who believes a stalker).

Her niece is Catie her brother's ex-wife is Angelica O'Grady and cousin Stacey Herring. She also has a purfume bottle collection she stole one from her Aunt Vivian's house when she was 6.

She just won an award for American Dreams as a future classic. She is known for walking around with a parasol at the set of American Dreams and known for buying many gifts for the kids on the show.
Gave birth to son Michael Colton O'Grady on May 22nd 2004. also married recently