Gale Anne Hurd

Gale Anne Hurd


10/25/1955, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Gale Anne Hurd


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The talented producer/screenwriter, Gale Anne Hurd, worked her way up from assisting Roger Corman, to setting up her own production company. She has been responsible for co-producing or producing some of the biggest movie blockbusters in recent history,including, The Terminator, and Aliens. She was instrumental in the creation…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • This is the second review in a series I've decided to call - The Wives of James Cameron and How They've Grown.

    I'm joking of course, but I did recently review Kathryn Bigelow, who was Mr. Cameron's third wife (Gale Anne was his second.) Like Ms. Bigelow, I am sure Ms. Hurd learned from James Cameron while they worked together on blockbusters such as "The Terminator-1 and 2)", and "Aliens". As is stated in her Bio, she is a highly intelligent and well-educated woman, who, learned from people in the business like Roger Corman and later, Frank Darabont, but who possesses genius qualities of her own when it comes to both film and television production. Along with Mr. Darabont and David Alpert, Ms. Hurd is the Executive Producer of the hit series, The Walking Dead, and has been quoted, stating, "..she feels it is possible the show will run for at least 27 seasons..". We will see...........moreless