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Chicago, Illinois

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Gale Gand first attracted attention at the age of six, when she was photographed making mud pies by a Life magazine photographer. Since then,she's been at the center of the culinary spotlight. She spent many of her college years studying silver and goldsmithing, which she later realized were…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Gale has stated that she likes to participate in events, such as judging pie eating contests or judging cake decorating contests.

    • Gale's third cookbook, Chocolate and Vanilla, was published in the Fall of 2006.

    • Gale was included inFood and Wine Magazine's Top 10 Best New Chefs list in 1994.

    • Gale has stated that chefs Lionel Poilane, Maurice Bernachon, and Pierre Gagnaire all influenced her when she was first starting out as a pastry chef.

    • Gale Gand's restaurant, "Tru", won a Distinguished Restaurant of North America award in 2004.

    • Gale married business partner Rick Tramonto in 1988.

    • Gale's dessert won first place in a competition for the "heart-healthiest dessert" put on by the Chicago Heart Association.

    • Gale was one of the chefs included in Julia Child's book, "Baking With Julia".

    • Gale's second book, entitled "Butter Sugar Flour Eggs", was nominated for best cookbook in the baking and desserts category.

    • Gale took pastry classes at La Varenne, located in Paris, France.

    • Gale participates in a variety of charities, some of which include Meals On Wheels, The Make A Wish Fondation, and Save A Pet.

    • Gale manufactures her own line of bakeware, called Gale At Home, which is sold at the Home Shopping Network.

    • One of Gale's products that she sells is her own brand of specialty root beer, called Gale's, which is a nationally sold product.

    • Gale's first cookbook, "American Brasserie",which was published in October 1997, had the honor of being named as a finalist in the Julia Child Cookbook Awards with the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

    • Gale is executive pastry chef, and a business partner, of the four-star restaurant Tru, located in Chicago, Illinois.

    • Gale has three children: a son, and fraternal twin girls.

  • Quotes

    • Gale Gand: (talking about her philosophy) Cooking and feeding others is the noblest thing a person can do.

    • Gale Gand: (talking about her first true experience cooking) I started to cook, and I was terrified for about three seconds, but after second number four it was a feeling of coming home. It was like a calling. I had found my medium.

    • Gale Gand: (after being asked if it is difficult to find inspiration) I find inspiration everywhere. In a candy bar, a painting, a memory or just from a friend's craving. What is hard to find is the time to work through them all.