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    • Gale has stated that she likes to participate in events, such as judging pie eating contests or judging cake decorating contests.

    • Gale's third cookbook, Chocolate and Vanilla, was published in the Fall of 2006.

    • Gale was included inFood and Wine Magazine's Top 10 Best New Chefs list in 1994.

    • Gale has stated that chefs Lionel Poilane, Maurice Bernachon, and Pierre Gagnaire all influenced her when she was first starting out as a pastry chef.

    • Gale Gand's restaurant, "Tru", won a Distinguished Restaurant of North America award in 2004.

    • Gale married business partner Rick Tramonto in 1988.

    • Gale's dessert won first place in a competition for the "heart-healthiest dessert" put on by the Chicago Heart Association.

    • Gale was one of the chefs included in Julia Child's book, "Baking With Julia".

    • Gale's second book, entitled "Butter Sugar Flour Eggs", was nominated for best cookbook in the baking and desserts category.

    • Gale took pastry classes at La Varenne, located in Paris, France.

    • Gale participates in a variety of charities, some of which include Meals On Wheels, The Make A Wish Fondation, and Save A Pet.

    • Gale manufactures her own line of bakeware, called Gale At Home, which is sold at the Home Shopping Network.

    • One of Gale's products that she sells is her own brand of specialty root beer, called Gale's, which is a nationally sold product.

    • Gale's first cookbook, "American Brasserie",which was published in October 1997, had the honor of being named as a finalist in the Julia Child Cookbook Awards with the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

    • Gale is executive pastry chef, and a business partner, of the four-star restaurant Tru, located in Chicago, Illinois.

    • Gale has three children: a son, and fraternal twin girls.

  • Quotes

    • Gale Gand: (talking about her philosophy) Cooking and feeding others is the noblest thing a person can do.

    • Gale Gand: (talking about her first true experience cooking) I started to cook, and I was terrified for about three seconds, but after second number four it was a feeling of coming home. It was like a calling. I had found my medium.

    • Gale Gand: (after being asked if it is difficult to find inspiration) I find inspiration everywhere. In a candy bar, a painting, a memory or just from a friend's craving. What is hard to find is the time to work through them all.