Galen Gering





2/13/1971 , Los Angeles, California, USA

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Galen Gering was born on February 13, 1971. He is an American actor who played the role of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on the television soap opera Passions from 1999 til it it's cancellation in 2008, Galen joined the cast of Days of our Lives in late October of 2008 in the role of an F.B.I agent named Rafael "Rafe" Hernandez.

Gering was raised in Los Angeles, California by French and Spanish hippie parents. His father is Russian Jewish and his Basque mother is from Spain. He is the younger sibling - he has an older sister named Charissa. Gering always thought that the hippie lifewas hard.

At the age of 18, Gering moved to New York City to start a modeling career and finished high school through the mail. He was hired as a model and traveled most of Europe before going to New York University for a year. He finished off college at the University of Miami where he studied creative writing and film. In May of 1999, Gering graduated with honors while he was already busy working on "Passions" - a show which he learned about through his girlfriend Jenna's agent.

Gering later moved to California with Jenna and has since worked on two independent films "Road Trip" and "Pistol Whipped." He was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people.

Galen Gering is currently married to Jenna Gering.