Gardner Fox

Gardner Fox


5/20/1911, Brooklyn, New York



Birth Name

Gardner Francis Fox


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  • Trivia

    • Gardner created the original versions of The Flash, Jay Garrick, and Hawkman, Carter Hall, in Flash Comics #1, Summer 1940.

    • Gardner created the concept of super-hero teams with the Justice Society Of America in All-Star Comics #3, Winter 1940, and when DC revived the super-hero genre after a brief hiatus during the 1950s, he also revitalized the concept with the Justice League Of America in The Brave And The Bold #28, in February 1960.

    • Gardner was a skilled marksman and enjoyed hunting.

    • Gardner created and introduced the Golden Age character of The Sandman, in World's Fair Comics #1, which also featured a mistakenly blonde-haired Superman in the lead story. (1939)

    • Gardner created the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl introduced in Detective Comics #359 (1967).

    • Gardner's 1965 story for Batman #171, which re-introduced The Riddler after a 17 year absence, was used as the basis for the pilot episode of the 1966 Batman tv series.

    • Gardner introduced the "Multiverse" concept to DC Comics in 1960, in the comic Flash #123, in which was shown that there was more than one Earth characters resided on. This concept stayed in force and expanded in number of Earths presented, until 1985, in which the comic series Crisis On Infinite Earths destroyed all of the parallel Earths in an attempt to streamline continuity as well as character interpretations for easier comprehension by new readers as well as writers for DC.

    • Had a son, Jeffrey, and a daughter, Lynda, who was named after her mother.

    • Gardner won two 1962 Alley Awards for Best Book-Length Story and Best Script Writer ("The Planet that Came to a Standstill!" in Mystery in Space #75, with artist Carmine Infantino) as well as a 1963 Alley, for Favorite Novel ("Crisis on Earths 1 and 2" in Justice League of America #21-22, with artist Mike Sekowsky), and the 1965 Alley for Best Novel (in Showcase #55, an untitled story with artist Murphy Anderson).

    • Gardner wrote bawdy spy novels under the pseudonym of Rod Gray in the late 1960s - early 1970s.

    • Wrote short stories for sports, Western, and romance magazines,

    • Invented the "Batarang" for Batman comics, a device that was very prominently featured on the 1966 TV series, as well as the "Batcopter".

    • Gardner wrote over 100 novels.

    • Gardner wrote pulp fiction as well, for the magazines Amazing Stories and Planet Stories.

    • Fox's creations Hawkman and Hawkgirl, were the first married superhero couple in comics.

    • Gardner wrote around 4,000 stories for DC Comics.

    • Gardner was a lawyer before finding he could make more money writing.

    • Gardner wrote romance novels under the pseudonym of Lynna Cooper from 1976-1982.

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