Gareth David-Lloyd

Gareth David-Lloyd


3/28/1981, Bettws, Newport, Wales

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Gareth was born in 1981 in Bettws, Newport, Wales. He attended Bettws Comprehensive and Coleg Gwent, Cross Keys. His first major role was in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, in which he plays Ianto.

It was at Monnow Junior School in Bettws that Gareth had his…more


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    • Gareth: (on his character Ianto in "Torchwood") I'm not really like Ianto at all. I'm a lot more impulsive than he is and I'm more inclined to do crazy things! Ianto hides things away a lot more, which is what makes him such an interesting character to play.

    • Gareth: (on coming in at No. 11 in the second Annual AfterElton Top 100 Hot List) I'm delighted to be bringing so many people pleasure in whatever way I can. I understand I'm underneath John Barrowman, which seems to happen quite a lot. Maybe, next year, Ianto can be on top.

    • Gareth: (on his "Torchwood"
      Ianto has always been a mysterious character, and still is in many respects. When I first took him on, he had hardly any lines, but then we had the Cyberwoman episode, which opened the doors to his background and personality.

    • Gareth: The Torchwood team is a lot tighter. In Series One, there was an underlying threat of mutiny, especially from Ianto and Owen, but we come into this... you know, Jack's gone, and the team is working far more as a unit. The absence of Jack pushes them together - they care about each other, they'd die for each other, like a family.

    • Gareth: (On the most fun experience of "Torchwood" Season Two) I can't really choose - there's loads of things. There's a lovely scene I did with John in the first episode that was slightly different from any of the things we've had in Torchwood before - we're having a conversation and we're having a different conversation underneath, it was a whole scene in subtext. Obviously there's subtext in everything, but the point of the scene was the fact that the whole scene was in subtext. That was quite nice, it felt quite different. And having fun in another sense as far as the craft goes, and how that's developing and becoming more intricate - and you can do that when the characters are more well-known. Lots of running round with guns, that's fun. Stalemates with James Marsters... that's fun, cos he's brilliant.

    • Gareth: (On which is better, working on stage or working on camera) Ooh, that's difficult. They're different. Stage I like for the immediacy and the audience response, but working for the cameras needs subtlety and naturalism. For the theatre, you have to use a lot of stagecraft and technique to convince the audience but the camera picks everything up and you can't do that, you have to convince the person you're speaking to.

    • Gareth (On James Marsters) We have similar philosophies in both life and work and we have similar interests. I think sometimes I surprised him a bit, with things like Conrad's Heart of Darkness that we both love. And we're politically similar.

    • Gareth: (On working with John Barrowman) Probably the fun he brings to the set. I've got loads of stories, but he might not like me telling them in public.

    • Gareth: (on how he got into acting) My mum was in work a lot when I was in school. Her and my Auntie Doris decided I needed some extra-curricular activities so I was taken to the drama lessons. I started at the Blackwood Miners Institute and then became a member of the Dolman Youth Theatre.

    • Gareth: (on the "Torchwood"/"Doctor Who" fanbase) I loved the idea that Torchwood was a spin-off of Doctor Who. There is more adult drama in it and a lot of humanity. It has now become its own beast. The more it distances itself from Doctor Who is one of the reasons it has become more popular than a lot of spin-off shows. It gets its own audiences many of whom are not into Doctor Who at all and in fact there are a number of Doctor Who fans who really hate it!

    • Gareth: (on working on "Torchwood") I'm really excited. This is going to be different to anything else I've done before.

    • Gareth: The Torchwood Hub is absolutely amazing and when I first saw it I was a bit scared, to be honest with you – scared about whether my acting skills could match the skills of the art department! I was completely knocked out by it. But now I'm more relaxed in my character and I feel more at home. Now I'm just really proud of it.

    • Gareth: I can't wait to move back to South Wales, people are just much friendlier, London was getting a bit fast for me.

  • A great actor and looks fantastic in a suite.

    British shows tend to be the best; one of the reasons for this is they normaly can act. Gareth David Lloyd is one who can. Not only can this man act but he is also drop dead gorgeous. Torchwood is one of my favourite show's and Gareth's performance is one of the reasons for that. I often get on youtube and watch Jack/Ianto fanvid's or interveiw's with Gareth. He seems like a very interesting person. Once again a fantastic actor one of the most gorgeous of TV and definatly looks great in a suite.

    Has to be a ten out ten for me!moreless

    Gareth David Lloyd is the perfect man. He's handsome (gorgeous) more like, can sing act,and most importantly; looks fantastic in a suit, comfortable with his sexuality but is highly under rated by the UK.

    Torchwood Series One did not feature enough of his character Ianto Jones at all giving him an episode to himself and nothing much after that (except Jack's part time shag {not complaining about that}). Instead of creating the Ianto of Series Two in Series One, we were introduced to mopey sad and depressing character who had no other point in the story but to remind you of his girlfriend.

    Thank God they changed that all in Season Two where a Xanderesque (BTVS) Ianto was born and shone throughout Series Two. With Series Three coming soon, what performance can we expect from Gareth this year?moreless