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    • Garrett (on who he thinks will win "American Idol" Season 7): I don't know. Every single person in this competition brings something unique and different to the table. It's up to America now.

    • Garrett (on his musical inspirations): Actually three of the contestants from season five, Elliott Yamin, Ace Young and Chris Daughtry. All three of those guys have inspired me in a big way to do this. I'm really more of an alternative pop [singer]. You guys didn't really get to see my style.

    • Garrett (on what he thought about people comparing him to Leif Garrett): I've never heard of the guy before that, nobody's ever compared me to Peter Frampton or Leif Garrett. I went back to the house that I was staying at, Googled them, because I had no idea who they were and I was hoping that they were decent-looking guys, so I was pretty happy when they popped up. I don't know, it's just my hair. I use Garnier Fructis and I've been using that for a long time.

    • Garrett (on how he got to San Diego to audition for "American Idol"): We were here visiting family and I saw they were having auditions. I've been watching American Idol since season one, so I've wanted to audition since then. Once I saw it there, I was just like "Dude, you know I should just do it now." So I tried out and I made it to the top 12 guys so I'm pretty proud of myself for doing that.

    • Garrett (his reaction on Simon Cowell saying he looked pale): Well, when he first said that, I actually found some humor in it because I know that I have fair skin and I'm really happy with the way I look. It didn't really bother me. I could tell that Paula and Randy were upset about that because that's not something you should be saying to a contestant. Maybe Simon couldn't find anything bad to say about my voice.

    • Garrett (on how he chose the songs he performed on "American Idol"): We're allowed to choose three songs from a list. I didn't get any of my songs because they gave [them] out to all the other contestants before that, so I just ended up with having to choose from the list again. They just threw the song [Breaking Up Is Hard to Do] at me like "hey sing this one" and I just said OK.

    • Garrett (on if he was surprised over his elimination): I was surprised; I didn't expect I would get voted off that early. I had pretty high hopes and I was very excited about next week because it was a song that I could really do well. At first, when [Ryan] said "You're going home," I thought he was kidding. But then he didn't smile or anything and the music came on, I thought, "Oh man he's for real." I was just sitting there just thinking, "Oh my God, I hope I remember the words to this song I have to sing."

    • Garrett: Some of my other talents besides singing would probably have to be video games, I'm a big gamer, I love games and soccer, I played soccer for a couple of years and I played for West Centre United, which is like all the best and the best of the teams send their players to audition for like or try out for like this West Centre United team, and I made that and I played that for a year, so it was fun.

    • Garrett: I started singing maybe when I was five, six or seven or eight years old, I'm not too sure, just a young kid I guess.

    • Garrett: It was crazy when I found out that I made the top 24 because like everybody that was coming out from the rooms and the elevator was like amazing and they were getting sent home, so it was just like a big shock. Everything was a shock that night so, I'm happy though.