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    • Garwin Sanford: (On his favorite memory of Stargate SG-1) Working with Amanda Tapping. She`s just a joy. In the episode Narim falls for Sam Carter, so Amanda and I had a few scenes together. She knew I hadn`t had much time to prepare, so at lunchtime she said "Come on, let`s rehearse." In fact she did the same thing when I came back for my second story (Pretence). I cannot say enough good words for her. Also, when I first arrived on the set, I had a chat with director William Gereghty I just wanted to make sure he and I were on the same page with regard to my character. I saw Narim as kind and gentle individual. He`s childlike as opposed to childish, do you know what I mean? I love his innocence and matter-of-fact attitude. There`s no pretense with him. Narim just looks at you and speaks the truth.