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    • Garwin Sanford: (On possibly returning to Stargate) I would love to do more of these. Again, working with Amanda. And the gang. Christopher Judge. Him and I go back to a series called Booker with Richard Grieco. They had offered me a regular role to start. I wasn't sure about the series, so I said "We don't know what it is yet. Why don't we do a couple of episodes and see what we can come up with." And then they changed producers and they said "Well we have to do another one." New producers. It happened two or three times. I'd finally done about six or seven episodes as one of the investigator-kind of guys at this place. Anyway, he was in that also. So I loved working with Christopher. I loved working with Ricky. The gang is just fun. But most of my stuff was always with Amanda, of course. That's hard to take. [Laughter] It was just really fun. I love her as an actor. It's great. And I'd love to do more. There'd been rumors. They actually talked to me at the party for the 100th episode about what they thought they were going to do with him, and then they must've changed their mind because it didn't come to being.