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    • Garwin Sanford: (On his art work) Yeah. I've done pen and ink for years. But about five years ago, when the business slowed down here for a while, I started sculpting in clay. And I'd never worked in clay before. I've always been interested in masks and things because of theater work. I've done comittedelarte. I've done neutral mask and character mask under Wendy Gorling. Again, at that theater school. And she's amazing. She's brilliant, actually. She's a genius, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to mask work. And under mask is where I learned to become an actor. All of a sudden, when I was under mask, I felt like "Poof," I had power and everything could free up. And it took me a little while but then I caught on and went, "Oh, right. Every character is a mask."