Gary Allan

Gary Allan


12/5/1967, Montebello,California

Birth Name

Gary Allan Herzberg


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Gary Allan is a down to earth musician. He was born in December of 1967 to his mother Mary and his Father, Harley. He is not afraid to push things to the edge. His latest album "Tough all Over" is written about the death of this wife and…more


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  • 38 year old Gary Allan gets better and better.

    Gary Allan was born December 5th 1968. His birth name is Gary Herzberg. He's been in the business a while, and hasn't really had an official big break, but he's made a name for himself, no doubt about that. It's just a mere guess, but his most popular song would probably be "The One". This young man also recently lost his wife, Angela. She killed herself. They have 6 kids together. That's very sad. It never really was clear why she did it. This event occured on October 25th, 2004. Let's get off the cold hard facts now. He's got 6 albums under his belt and I'd say he's ready for a Greatest Hits compliation, but that's all up to the record label. His new album, Tough All Over is scheduled to be relased this October. I don't know about you, but I'm anxious to hear what this guy's got in store for us next.moreless