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  • Great actor at Very Good role role ,As Lucas Buck

    Everytime I see him I just remember American Gothic, He was Great, as Lucas Buck, so Controversial Character and so charming
  • Made popular by the movie "Office Space".

    Good actor.
  • Everytime I see him I just remember American Gothic!

    I really Loved the show American Gothic since it was a Sam Raimi series. He also made Hercules! Gary was amazing in the series portraying the devil in a small town kid of like the novel from Stephen King "Needful Things". The series was great but didnt get much air time and to be truthfully honest they put it to view at 10 pm eastern time. No one got to see how truly great the series really was. But gary went on to do movies like my personal favorite, 'Office Space'. He plays a boss everyone knows! The kind of boss you just love to hate. I have seen Gary in other movies like Cadet Kelly with Hillary Duff. He plays a really cool dad! But i will always remember him as an evil devil that has a sexy country accent. This is a man to look out for! I really believe hes pure genius!
  • What a great actor.

    I love the way Gary Cole acts. He has such charisma on th e screen. He is not the best looking, but his acting skils make up for that. He seems to be a kiss of death though. TO me, what ever show he stars in, seems to be cancelled with in the eiht year. He does great voice work that last, yet live shows that he is in never do well. I really loved him in American Gothic. He was so bad and ye t heart warming. Plus, he was great in crusade. I een tried to watch him in the stupid remake show. the writtingn on that show was so bad, yet Mr. Cole did help to make it somewaht watchable.
  • Gary Cole is a great actor in "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" and "Kim Possible."

    I'm not familiar with the other things that he does, but I think he is great from what I've heard him in. He does an excellent job voicing Harvey Birdman and other characters in "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law", and a great job voicing Mr. Dr. Possible in "Kim Possible." I've known him to appear in "Family Guy" to do voices, but I don't know which ones he voices. He has a great voice, and is funny in both of those shows. Overall, talented, funny, and underrated.
  • Gary Cole is the best of both worlds sexy and talented. My favorite character of all time is Lucas Buck. He just ooozed sex appeal. I bought the AG DVD set and would like to see Fatal Vision come out on DVD he was excellent in that, very believeable.

    I highly recommend buying the American Gothic DVD set, but watch it right away because I got bad disks the first time. It was really good especially REQUIEM which is on the third disk and Plauge, in which, Gail and Lucas have a really great lovemaking scene. What we really want to know is after Caleb killed Gail's baby is she really going to get the chance at having Lucas's baby again like he promised in her ear? Are they going to make the movie? Are they going to have a convention?