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    • Gary Cole: (about being confused with Gary Coleman) We are often confused for one another ... I think it's the resemblance first of all, not necessarily the name. No, we've never met -- I've never even seen him from a distance. Which might lead you to believe ... we're never actually, you know ... have you ever seen us in the same location? No. I don't know what that says to people, but ... [Laughs] We go up for the same roles often, but it's a professional courtesy that we extend to each other.

    • Gary Cole: (about never having been a teenage heartthrob) Well, I'm afraid that ship has sailed now, hasn't it? [Laughs] I never really got in front of a camera until I was 30 years old. These guys have been working, plus it's so different now -- the amount of coverage and the media. It's just a different world. I like how I evolved.

    • Gary Cole: I'm a huge fan of sports movies. I know very little but I know a little bit more about rugby in the last 48 hours than – I came to it very late for whatever reason. That was just the nature of things. But I'm a sucker for sports movies.

    • Gary Cole: (about preparing for "Talladega Nights") Not that I chose not to do that but he [Reese] wasn't in that culture. If I was going to hang out with anybody I'd probably hang out with moonshiners. That might be more interesting, actually.

    • Gary Cole: (about being active in charity causes for autism) The more you do it, you realize that the philosophy is that you show up, you do it, you do the best you can and then you walk away. Everything else is up to somebody else in terms of how they digest it, what they think of it, whether it's good or bad. You move on to the next experience. There's no point in 'What if-ing' everything. I've been around long enough to know that you just move on and if it works, that's great, that's gravy. If it doesn't? So what. The next thing will work.

    • Gary Cole: (about getting his role in "The Brady Bunch Movie") [Betty Thomas] went to bat for me at the studio, because I don't think the studio wanted me. It didn't make sense for the studio; I'm sure they were going through their list of stand-up comedians and other comic actors that had done those movies. And nobody wanted to do it. They'd keep passing on it. And the time was coming, they had to make it, and so I was slipped in.

    • Gary Cole: (about the movie Office Space) I knew the movie was actually some kind of success because people were coming up doing some lines from the movie.

    • Gary Cole: I am also a drummer of sorts. I've got an electronic set sitting in my bedroom.

    • Gary Cole: I miss everything about Chicago, except January and February.