Gary Daniels





5/9/1963 , London, England, UK

Birth Name




Gary Daniels is an action film star born Gary Edward Daniels on May 9, 1963 in Working, Surrey, England. Gary Daniels has maintained a muscular build since the days he was a real-life kick-boxing champion. During his childhood, Gary was a fan of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who inspired him through his Enter the Dragon film. Daniels began martial arts training when he was eight, learning a hybrid known as Mongolian kung fu. He later joined taekwondo classes at the age of 12, earning his black belt at 15 and a second Dan at 16 which allowed him to compete in the ITF taekwondo competitions. At 17, he joined kickboxing training and went on to win his first 12 fights by knockouts. This was followed by a successful kickboxing career before he got into acting. He debuted in the film Final Reprisal, followed by The Secret of King Mahis Island in Philippines. He later starred in Capital Punishment, followed by other productions including Street Fighter II, Rage and Manga Fist of the North. Gary is married to Maricyn with whom he has five children.