Gary Dell'Abate

Gary Dell'Abate


3/14/1961, Uniondale, New York

Birth Name

Gary Patrick Dell'Abate



Also Known As

Baba Booey, Fafa Flofly, Gary Dell'Abate, Horse Tooth Jackass, Tata Toothy, Flafla Fooey
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Gary is most well known for being the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show, which is the most popular radio show in the United States. Gary has been working with Howard for over twenty years and during those twenty years, Gary has developed several nicknames (Baba Booey…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On October 26, 2006, during a segment on The Howard Stern Show, Gary was "roasted" by a panel of comedians, including Greg Fitzsimmons, Artie Lange and Colin Quinn.

    • Gary's brother, Tony, lives in Austin, Texas as a commercial realtor.

    • People used to mistake Gary as John Oates of the rock duo Hall & Oates.

    • As a young man and trying to break into show business, Gary briefly went by the name Gary Goldstein.

    • Gary went to Bose's Technical school for photography. He also, pre-The Howard Stern Show, worked at Hoolihans restaurant and at a record store.

    • On May 8, 2003, Gary was the winner of the Bally's Fitness Challenge on the "Howard Stern Show." He went from over 208 lbs to 172 lbs during the month-long contest, beating out co-workers Benjy Bronk, Mike Gange and Artie Lange. He had the greatest percentage weight-loss of the group, though Benjy lost more pounds in total. The prize was $15,000.00.

    • Gary collects cartoon art and character animation cells.

    • Gary auditioned to be an MTV VJ in 1988.

    • Gary was not entirely wrong when he referred to Baba Looey as "Baba Booey." Quickdraw McGraw frequently referred to Baba Looey as "Baba Boy." In Quickdraw's voice, it did tend to sound like Baba Booey.

    • Gary is known for his uncanny ability to recall past show details with great accuracy.

    • Gary received over $25,000 from the "Howard Stern Show" staff members to hand over a videope he made in 1988. He made a videotaped bid to win back an ex-girlfriend, which came to light in the late '90s when a former boyfriend of the woman called into Howard's show and said he had a copy of the tape. On it, Gary frequently refers to his ex as "man" (e.g. "I miss you, man"), states that his professional life is at a 9 while his personal life is at a 2, and says that, since their split, she has gained a lover and a best friend, while he has gained a couple of lovers but has no friends. He also points out that his hair had grown longer during their time apart and that he was wearing his favorite t-shirt, one he often wore while they were together. Such proclamations invited much ridicule from Stern fans and regulars, and snippets of the audio from the tape became oft-used soundbites on the show. While his bid to win back his lady love proved successful, they ultimately broke up for good the following year.

    • Gary appeared as a contestant on "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" on VH1.

    • Gary revealed on January 16, 2006 on the "Howard Stern Show" that he and a friend once ordered massage girls to come up to their hotel room, but the girls ended up ripping the two off and leaving them staring at each other in their underwear.

    • Gary is a fan of '80s music. He regularly beats his competitors in "Stump the Booey," an '80s music trivia game.

    • His son Jackson Stephen (8 lbs. 2 oz.) was born at 4:20 PM on October 27, 1994, and son Lucas was born in 1997.

    • Gary serves on the Board of Director of the charity, LIFEbeat The Music Industry Fights AIDS.

    • Gary's brother, Steven, died of AIDS in January 1991.

    • Since July 3, 1992, Gary has been married to Mary Dell'Abate. The couple live in Greenwich, Connecticut with their two sons, Jackson and Lucas.

    • Gary has been with the "Howard Stern Show" since September 4, 1984.

    • Gary's father, Salvatore Dell'Abate, passed away on August 4, 2006.

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